I've always wanted...
I've always wanted to be that girl with the journal and the elegant cued comebacks. I've been craving the passion of putting my pen to paper, but when such an opportunity comes I pass it down because I think I'll live in the moment better if I'm not too busy converting it into words.

Sometimes I really want to change that. I want to forget that someone could be looking at me while I jot something down in my little book of collected words. Maybe that's what the real cause of my hesitancy is - I'm afraid someone is going to watch me attempt to create a private moment for myself.

Or worse, there's the scenario of them asking to view my words. What if they wish to know what I'm doing? I'll have to tell them with an faux pride that I'm writing about how awesome their laugh is, or how inspired I am by their movements.

Am I being paranoid? Or am I being prideful in an overbearing way? Because who would take the time to notice me anyway?

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  1. Sometimes I wish I could write about a person in the moment it's happening too, but like you said, it seems dangerous.


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