The Story of She
She was unlike anyone you'd ever meet.

   Her hair was similar to that of rolling waves consumed by fire. Her fingers always running through it in a small attempt to manage them; but the curls had a mind of their own.
   Her hands were like ice; solid and cold. But they were the kind of hands you'd want to take between your own, and try to make warm again.
   Her body wasn't defined, but she was strong--in the mental, emotional sense. Her head was on straight, and her movements were full of grace. Her frame was average, and her smile was genuine. She was beautiful, just like all torn souls are--but she wasn't broken, like such ripped spirits tend to be. She was healed. It took time and patience but it happened. A torn soul was mended and her spirit was a free again.

   And that is the story of She.

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  1. "but she wasn't broken, like such ripped spirits tend to be" . . .

    is there a secret to how your writing is this flawless, epic, brilliant, & resonating? Rosie, please, publish your stories. I need them. So many people need to hear them. For I have read many words of many authors, but in yours I find a part of me. And it's a lovely, refreshing feeling. <3 Thank you, darling.

    xx Les

  2. ohmigod. i can't any more. this left my jaw wide opened, and my eyes stained with tears. <3<3<3 leslie is right; you need to write a book. i'd buy twenty copies, just in case i lose the first nineteen, which will probably happen. SRSLY THO.
    i love you. <3


  3. "Dear goodness, lady." That's all I can manage to think of in reply to this post...it's absolutely beautiful. <3

  4. ROSE O_O That was AMAZING... that's all I can say!!! XD


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